Work from home IP PBX

Because of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, many companies are choosing to close or opt to work from home to prevent further spread – naturally affecting business. Luckily, with uThetha Telecoms Hosted IP PBX solutions, you and your employees can work from home to keep your business afloat!

See our top reasons why you should switch to a Hosted PBX for now and for the future.

It’s Reliable

When it comes to business, time is money. Every minute that business is not up and running affects your businesses income. That’s why it’s important to have reliable telecoms systems that you can depend on. Our advanced cloud-based PBX system provides clear reception and connectivity to each and every business call.

Connect from Anywhere in the World

Anything can happen to your business premise that may prevent your employees from working from the office – but that doesn’t have to affect your business.

In fact, cloud-hosted PBX systems are ideal for companies that want to open flexible/remote working solutions and become mobile. This is because cloud-based PBX gains connectivity through the internet rather than traditional office hardware. Thus, allowing you to connect to your business from anywhere in the world.

Using this hosted PBX, you can connect to telecommuting workers or those based in distant locations. Your employees simply sign in and accept calls as they do in office. This applies to outgoing calls too as they channel through the company’s caller ID. Meaning that clients and partners will detect that your business premise and not personal your employees’ personal phone.

What’s more is that users can access voicemail, make changes to the call routing and easily customize their personnel greetings from anywhere.

It’s Cost-Effective

Switching from traditional phone systems to a cloud-based PBX can actually SAVE money. With cheaper mobile call rates, no additional charges and reductions on international rates, it is still one of the main cost savings in using a cloud phone system. uThetha Telecom’s ‘uVoice’ services give you the option to pay the items you use only – no extra charges or hidden costs.

In fact, switching from traditional phone systems to a cloud-based phone system can lower your monthly service fee by a whopping 60% in the first two years.

What’s more, your expenses naturally decrease because it doesn’t require connectivity through traditional hardware. Say goodbye to expensive repairs, equipment downtime and routine maintenance and hello to affordable telecoms solutions.

Customise As You Go

At uThetha Telecoms, we know that every business has its ups and downs – especially in our unpredictable economy. That’s why we believe in growing with your company instead of against it. With our telecom’s services, you can upscale or downscale easily and instantly to suit your business needs at the time. uThetha Telecoms operates on a monthly subscription basis rather than yearly – hence, space for change at little warning.

It has Advanced Features

In the communications industry, it’s important to keep up with the ever-changing and adapting technology. In fact, traditional PBX systems are increasingly becoming an obsolete technology which results in the limiting of advanced features.

These outdated telecoms systems lack comprehensive and current VoIP features and functions including call phone/landline integration, fixed-mobile convergence, inter-branch calls, long-distance calling, soft switch software, WiFi phones, IP phones/softphones, encryption, IP faxing, mobile faxing, video calls, unified communications, call recording, presence, remote maintenance, database integration, help desk/call centre functionalities . . . and many more!

Hence, traditional PBX lacks the universal compatibility and functionality that many digital solutions offer. What’s more is that traditional PBX can’t be added to existing broadband, making it pricier for users to pay for both connections separately.

Hosted PBX solutions are for the now AND the future. So, why wait? Call us today and get an upgrade for your business or organisation.