Outsourced telecoms

Efficient telecoms solutions are important for business communication. Using outdated traditional telephony services increases your chances of busy signals, downtime and dropped calls which may cost your business.

uThetha Telecoms offers a Voice as a Service (VaaS) solution that combines hardware, a hosted PBX system and your internet connection. We monitor and manage every feature of your telecommunications to ensure the best quality of services available for your business while saving a lot of money.

With VaaS, we do all the work, so you don’t have to! Here is why you should consider moving your business to a VaaS model:

1. Cutting Costs with Voice as a Service:

Voice as a Service works with a cloud-based PBX at uThetha Telecoms. This means that you do not require expensive and defective hardware to buy or lease as we manage everything via the internet.

Therefore, Voice as a Service shifts your business from a CapEx to an OpEx model which spares business expenditure.

We don’t charge you extra for maintenance or account charges. All you require are IP phones and voice gateway with an internet connection.

2. Voice Quality of VaaS:

Voice as a Service takes the burden off of you. VaaS allows us to take full control over your voice network so that we can prioritise voice services from end-to-end. uThetha Telecoms provides Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure comprehensible call quality unlike any other.

3. Shift accountability With uThetha Telecoms:

Passing the responsibility onto a single service provider means that your phones are constantly monitored by experts. This also shifts the accountability from your IT staff on us, so you can rest assured that your telecoms are in good hands.

Consequently, your IT staff are left to concentrate on other complex and mission-critical tasks within your business. Thus improving your business capabilities.

4. Smarter calling plans with Voice as a Service:

uThetha Telecoms ensures that your voice network is cost-effective with our flexible calling plan options. We offer smarter calling plan services that are charged on a month-to-month basis. This allows you to chop and change according to your business’s growth.

We also provide a free hosted PBX service called uVoice that works alongside our VaaS model. Choose from a wide variety of different monthly subscriptions depending on your organisation’s needs. Therefore, saving you money!

5. Upgrading Your Voice Manager:

Voice as a Service equips you with a team of experts that ensures that your phones are performing optimally. We actively monitor and manage your telecommunications so that you don’t have to stress.

Upgrading is also cheaper and can easily be accessed with a click of a button for your convenience! We ensure that you have the latest updates for your voice network that gives your business a competitive edge.

At uThetha Telecoms, we provide you with a VaaS model that improves your business while saving you money! Choose uThetha Telecoms for cost-effective voice managing options that give your business a competitive advantage.