X-Cally call centre

X-Cally is an on-premise and cloud-based contact centre solution that handles multiple channels of telecommunication such as voice, email, chat, SMS, fax and social media amongst others under a unified agent desktop.

Whether you have a small or large organisation, X-Cally will improve your telecoms operations. It caters for inbound, outbound and blended contact centres of any size.

This innovative omni-channel platform manages your contact centre so that you don’t have to!

Here are our top 3 benefits of using X-Cally for your business:

1. X-Cally Improves Your Business’s Customer Engagement

X-Cally puts your organisation to the forefront of customer service technology by bringing together voice, chat, text, fax, email and so much more!

In addition, our X-Cally technology powers through an ‘Omni-channel’ platform. This solution is a unique and efficient channel that gives your organisation a competitive edge.

Effective customer engagement is important to the success of any organisation. X-Cally’s Omni-technology improves your customer interaction which could, in turn, boost your business’s marketing and sales due to optimised communication.

With X-Cally, your customer service representatives can now handle your clientele through multiple communication platforms under a unified agent desktop.

We assist you so that you can provide optimal customer service time and time again!

2. X-Cally Is Incredibly Easy To Use

At uThetha Telecoms, our omni-channel solutions and software are easy to install, setup and use!

Because our X-Cally technology works with an omni-channel rather than outdated multi-channel models, it ensures that all your means of interacting with your client-base are managed and monitored through a united channel.

In effect, agents can log in to their queues, manage multiple statuses and perform multiple tasks with ease.

As X-Cally is powered by cloud-based computing, this enables your business to conduct through internet-based remote servers that store your data offsite rather than on physical infrastructure. Hence, your business runs on the ‘cloud’. The cloud has become the safest and least expensive way to store important business data.

The cloud also secures mission-critical business processes which ensure that your business is always running smoothly and conveniently.

3. Stay Up To Date With X-Cally

X-Cally’s primary features include contact management, an autodialler, interactive voice response (IVR) and real-time monitoring.

This feature allows your company to track a customer’s journey across ALL channels. Additionally, this enables you to track your customer’s individual wants. Or alternatively, allows you to track what your clients as a whole need.

uThetha Telecoms ensures that you’re up to date with your business through prompt and regular reporting and detailed analytical accounts.

Through our automation and trigger technology, we assist you in setting your systems reactions in a prompt and automatic fashion. You can also tweak these settings according to your timing and action preferences. This guarantees you to stay up to date with your business’s specific requirements.

Need more information on X-Cally technology, omnichannel strategies and other contact centre services? Contact uThetha Telecoms today for all your interactive call centre needs and queries!