Office Phone Systems

Whether you’re interested in starting up your business telecommunications or trying to enhance it, it’s important to choose the right handset for your business’s objectives and budget.

In today’s time, there are a lot more connectivity and handset options for you. From basic desk phones with copper line connectivity to advanced video phones with VoIP and PBX connectivity – the options are plentiful. However, it can be overwhelming choosing the right connectivity and handset for your business – that’s why we’re here to help.

See the different types of telecoms connectivity and handset options for your business.

The main forms of phone systems connectivity include:

  • Virtual Phone Systems
  • Landlines
  • VoIP

Virtual phone systems

A virtual phone refers to a phone system that uses the internet or ‘cloud-based’ services in order to gain connectivity. This implies that users can make and receive calls from anywhere (provided that there is an internet connection) using a mobile or computer device.

The virtual phone system works as an extensive call-forwarding solution that is able to transfer incoming calls onto different user’s devices. This includes user’s smartphones or home phones instead of desk phone when a client calls your company’s phone number.

What’s more, is that this phone system does not require any hardware this service gains connectivity through the internet with affordable plans and pricing.

Traditional Landline Systems

Landlines refer to traditional telephone lines that gain connection by copper wires. This type of connectivity runs through underground wires and is able to connect to every other landline phone across the world through networks known as a PSTN (Public switched telephone network) or POTS (Plain Old Telephone System).

This tried and tested phone system has been around since the 1800s and is considered to be reliable.

Landline systems also work through telephone handsets. From basic desk phones to call centre operator phones, see uThetha Telecom’s range of handsets.

What’s more, is that power outages don’t affect a landline’s connectivity (unless it’s a cordless handset device).

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses your company’s internet connection for telecommunicating instead of traditional copper lines.

Previously, only large businesses used PBX hardware and had access to automated attendants, call queues, and computer integration, which allows voicemails to be sent to email inboxes and computers to be turned into softphones. However, VoIP phone systems allow employees to access to business’s the system from mobile devices.

This system is best for small to medium-size business that want their remote employees to have access to the phone system at a reasonable price.

On-Premises VoIP Systems

An on-premise VoIP simply refers to a system that stays on your business premise including PBX hardware to run the system. Enterprise communications infrastructure serviced by a single, cloud-based VoIP infrastructure can platform an entire unified communications services and applications.

More than having a solid telecoms phone system, it’s also important to know which handsets work best for your business needs.

Basic desk phones

If you’re looking for a desk phone option with less frills and more reliability, then these handsets are your best bet. These basic desk handsets are also easier on your pocket, so you get value for your buck.

Yealink office phones

Yealink T40P Basic 10/100 IP Phone

The Yealink SIP-T40P is a feature-rich SIP phone for enhancing daily business processes and operations. This basic desk phone supports flexible and secure provisioning. It utilizes industry-standard encryption protocols for users to provision. What’s more, is that it can perform software upgrades both in-house and remotely.

It includes an impressive new design, advanced HD audio, enhanced call management, efficient installation and provisioning and highly secure transport and interoperability.





NEC Baseline Phones

NEC Baseline Analog Phone

This easy-to-use office phone includes multiple user-friendly features and is reliable and durable. The slim design with small footprint will fit perfectly for a wide range of business communication requirements.

Some of the user benefits include: message-waiting lamp for voicemail, yellow hold key gives access to the transfer facilities of the switch, 3/10 direct memories plus 10 phonebook memories for storing frequently used numbers, quick redialling, the save key allows temporary storage of a number, ringing tone selection allows distinguishing ringing, line powering so no extra batteries are needed.

The Baseline Analog phone also includes a 5-year warranty with NEC PABX.

Call Centre Handsets

Call centre phones are integral in connecting your business phone system to help your employees connect to your clientele with speed and ease. Other handset features that will assist your agents include managing calls, attending audio conferences, and checking voicemail.

Call Centre Handsets

Yealink T41S Call Centre 10/100 IP Phone

The SIP-T41S IP phone is a dynamic business telecommunications tool for quality voice communications and extended functionality. It has a faster, more responsive interface than the T42G and offers better overall performance.

The SIP-T41S is a 12-line IP phone with multiple programmable keys for enhancing productivity. It also has Yealink Optima HD Voice Technology and wideband codec of Opus for excellent sound quality and crystal-clear communications.

What’s more, the SIP-T41S is built with Gigabit Ethernet technology for rapid call handling. Plus, with an all-new USB port, the SIP-T42S boasts unparalleled functionality and expansibility, which comes ready for future Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB recording features. The new T4S series offers the same elegant appearance of the T4 line, but with improvements for greater interoperability and collaboration.

Call Centre Phones

NEC DT830 Call Centre 12 button 10/100 IP Phone

The DT820 IP desktop telephones are a cost-effective option for standard business users like call centre agents. However, it’s also a great option to use in building lobbies and other public spaces. The NEC DT820 standard use self-labelling desktop telephones are upgradeable to support most extensions and to network. Hence, it’s both enterprise and call centre friendly.

Built-in Gigabit support is provided on both models and power is supplied to the DT820 phones via PoE (Power over Ethernet). DT820 interfaces are designed to improve the overall user experience while remaining intuitive.

At-a-glance notifications include new voice messages, missed calls and the telephone user’s current presence status. The DT820 is supported on all of NEC’s communications platforms. With two models to choose from, you can select an affordable telephone with features that best fit your organizational needs.

Cordless Phones

The best part about cordless phones is that it frees you and your employees from the constraints of your desk. Roam freely within your business premise with our user-friendly cordless phones.

Yealink Cordless Phones

Yealink W60P Cordless IP Phone

The Yealink W60P is a high-performance SIP cordless phone system – ideal for small to medium-sized companies. It’s also able to pair with up to 8 Yealink W52H/W56H DECT handsets. Thus, enabling easy mobility and efficient flexibility immediately as well as significantly eliminates additional wiring troubles and charges.

To provide a better and higher performance, this DECT IP phone not only supports up to 8 VoIP accounts and 8 concurrent calls but also speeds up its start-up and signal connection slashes its upgrade downtime as well.

By supporting Opus codec, W60P allows for excellent audio quality even in poor network conditions!
The W60P has the convenience of being cordless with a simple add-on device without losing the SIP features. Seamless call management for users while ‘on-the-go’.

This advanced phone also works with VoIP telephony for your convenience.

The Yealink DECT IP Phone W60P supports efficient provisioning and effortless mass deployment with Yealink’s Redirection and Provisioning Service (RPS) and Boot mechanism to help you realize the Zero Touch Provisioning without any complex manual settings, which makes it simple to deploy, easy to maintain and upgrade, saving even more time and IT costs for businesses.

Conference Phones

Conference Calling is an effective tool for groups of people together for real-time communication. It is also an excellent option whenever meeting in-person is impossible or unnecessary. The ease of access, reliability and usability of conference calls make them the preferred option in many circumstances.

Conference phones

Yealink CP920 Small Meeting Room Conference IP Phone

With user-centric design philosophy, this new release from Yealink combines simplicity of use with powerful features and is perfect for small to medium conference rooms for an engaging business conference experience.

When it comes to conference calls, clear audio is important – or you’ll risk misunderstandings and unnecessary disruptions to your meetings. However, the CP920 ensures crystal-clear audio quality which makes for an easier conversation.

The Yealink CP920 can be paired with your employee’s smartphone, PC or tablet via Bluetooth. It’s also ideal for businesses that use a public switched telephone network (PSTN) by pairing with a CPN10 PSTN Box.

Advanced Conference Phones

Yealink CP960W Large Meeting Room Conference IP Phone

the Yealink Optima HD IP Conference Phone CP960 is powered by the Android 5.1 operating system. With user-centric design philosophy, this Y-shape brand new release from Yealink combines simplicity of use with sophistication of features and is perfect for medium to large conference rooms.

The CP960W ensures a clear audio quality that will sound natural and bright anywhere. What’s more, is that it allows for the connection of external loudspeakers for an enhanced user experience.

The Yealink CP960 provides wireless and wired pairing with your mobile staff – smartphone or PC/tablet via Bluetooth and USB Micro-B port; As a valuable complement for your conference room, Yealink concentrates on users themselves, giving you easily and clearly engaging business conference experience. The Yealink CP960 conference phone strikes an outstanding balance between ease-of-use and powerful features, delivering a smarter audio-conferencing solution for your company.


In today’s time, business phone calls are much more than making and receiving calls. Now, unified telecommunication systems can enable your employees to communicate by text and video too!

Video IP Phone

The Yealink T56A Video Gigabit IP Phone

The Yealink SIP-T56A is a media phone that provides an advanced HD audio experience for business professionals. This smart media phone enables productivity-enhancing visual communication with the ease of a standard phone.

It’s also based on the Android 5.1.1 operating system and features a seven-inch fixed multi-point touch screen, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR. What’s more is that it is equipped with a built-in web browser, calendar, recorder and more.

The Yealink SIP-T5 Smart Media Phone Series is an all-in-one communications solution for today’s busy executives, managers and teleworkers.

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