The Advantages of a Multimedia Contact Centre

What is a Multimedia Contact Centre?

The evolution of call centres into contact centres is all about responding to customers in whatever form of communication they prefer, whether it is through email, web chats, web call-backs, Voice over Net, fax, voice mail, or phone calls.

A multimedia contact or call centre is considered the convergence of two trends. In like fashion, it is the conjunction of customer interaction-based contact centres and software systems that allow self-sales and self-service.

Why are Multimedia Contact Centres Necessary?

As demand increases, customer service expectations are becoming more costly. Multitasking and reaching targets quickly as possible is great, but what if there were an easier way? This question is the base of the development of multimedia contact centres. After all, there is only so much human beings can do within assigned time frames.

Furthermore, between hiring quality staff, renting a facility and paying the utilities – multimedia contact centres may be the perfect way to cut those costs.

There is clearly a need maximise customer service, response times and sales. As a result, it is important that contact centres consider multiple means of communication or they risk being left behind.

Future projections are astounding. Forrester Research predicts that in as little as four years, an alarming 56% of all customer interactions will occur via the web, reducing phone contact to as little as 5% of all interactions.

The Benefits and Advantages of Multimedia Contact Centres

Time and Cost Efficiency

Multimedia Contact Centres are designed to deliver instantaneous responses and assistance at a level that human fingers cannot match.

Equally important, this means that to a certain extent, effective multimedia software systems can replace certain employee functions in call centres.

As a result, companies can now minimise staff-related costs and maximise staff time. This also aligns call-in customers and clients with the correct departments without an agent or receptionist having to waste time explaining anything.

Agent Productivity

Using one system; agents, managers and CEO’s can all keep track of client interactions and agent responses. Similarly,  supervisors are now able to access real-time agent progress reports.

This simplifies the managerial process as it cancels out the need to monitor arrival, talk, lunch and break times.

In addition, the ‘Big Brother Effect’ drives productivity. Agents can monitor their own progress and compare it to their targets.

Customer Service

Unified Messaging

Using uThetha Telecommunications’ highly reliable telecommunication systems and software to unify multimedia communications, clients still receive great service but need only a fraction of the attention it would usually take a contact centre agent to resolve their query or make a sale.

Unified messaging is still the best multimedia ‘saving’ tool. Correspondingly, the concept of unified messaging is quite simple.

What is unified messaging? Call centre agents have access to all their email, voicemail and fax messages from a single interface or program. Unified messaging allows call centres to receive these messages, queue, distribute, track and report all of them the same way they would do phone calls.

Customer Experience

Creating positive experiences means enabling customers to communicate when, where and however they wish. Beyond just a call, uThetha Telecommunications enables agents and clients to interact via web chat, email and beyond.

Moreover, clients who prefer it will still have that option and are then sent to the appropriate agent. Multimedia Contact Centres offer versatility without excluding older clients or those who prefer telephone interactions.

uThetha Telecommunications and Multimedia Contact Centres

Future enhancements in the support of the Multimedia Contact Centre will bring about new technology that can fully integrate all types of customer contacts!

We at uThetha Telecommunications strive to keep up with these integrations and offer the same advancements to our clients.

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