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Voice as a Service

Voice as a Service (VaaS) is a business model for customers who require an outsourced telecom model for their business telecoms environment, which means a move from a capex to an opex model. With Vaas, customers are able to migrate from paying for telecoms equipment replacements, license fees, maintaining the equipment, providing their own first line support and paying for telco line rentals, to paying only per extension per month for the use of voice services.

Our VaaS model is customised to suit the type of business services offered by each customer site, for example head office, distribution, production or sales offices. The IT department is able to bill the business departments or branches directly for the VaaS services and voice calls, which means a reduced IT budget for telecoms. Essentially, with VaaS, IT departments no longer require resources to manage and maintain their aging telecoms infrastructure, and can instead focus on their core business.


Improve your customer service, with excellent call centre technology.


Reduce your company call costs by up to 30%


We offer comprehensive VOIP, PBX/PABX, and other telecoms products and services.