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Telecommunications Services

We are a telecommunications company that offers comprehensive VOIP, PBX/PABX, and other telecoms products and services. Our services are built on our team of industry leading technical and project management resources. Proof of this is that we have clients using us as their preferred telecommunications services company since 2006 and are still happy clients.

There is a basket of services that your organization may find useful:

Telecommunications Consulting

Organizations are not always clear on the ideal Telecommunications strategy for their business. We can audit your Telecoms environment and point you in the right direction. For example, some organizations attempt a single vendor strategy for all office types: branch office, sales office, retail store, production site, head office or distribution site.

Finding a vendor where one size fits all is mostly impossible or very expensive. Some sites just need dial tone, some require call recording and others need unified communications. Organizations do not necessarily have in-depth Telecoms knowledge, and this is where we come in.

PBX/PABX Maintenance

uThetha Telecoms has technical skills to maintain and service all types of business telephone systems: traditional PABX, Hybrid PABX, IP PBX and Hosted PBX. Very few telecoms companies service all PBX system types on a national and international basis. Our maintenance services are performed through a service level agreement with guaranteed response and fix times. We carry spares to meet the agreed fix times.

VoIP Services

Our VoIP services range from arranging VoIP connectivity, Hosted PBX services and offering cheaper call rates.


Voice as a Service (VaaS) is a business model for customers who require an outsourced telecom model for their business telecoms environment, which means a move from a capex to an Opex model. With VaaS, customers can migrate from paying for telecoms equipment replacements, license fees, maintaining the equipment, providing their own first line support and paying for telco line rentals, to paying only per extension per month for the use of voice services.

Our VaaS model is customised to suit the type of business services offered by each customer site, for example head office, distribution, production or sales offices. The IT department can bill the business departments or branches directly for the VaaS services and voice calls, which means a reduced IT budget for telecoms. Essentially, with VaaS, IT departments no longer require resources to manage and maintain their aging telecoms infrastructure and can instead focus on their core business.

Project Management

Having rolled out thousands of Telecoms systems since 2006 we have vast experience in rolling out small and large-scale projects. We have developed methodologies and documentation to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

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A business model for customers who require an outsourced telecom model.