Teleworker/Remote Extension Solutions

Businesses and their customers need to stay in contact with users that travel and users that work remotely and at home. uThetha offers solutions to enable your existing PABX to connect roaming and remote users to your system as extensions. We also offer PABX systems that cater for roaming and remote users.

Our IP Telephony systems allow roaming users to be found on any device that connects to the PABX e.g. office phone, home telephone, cell phone, PDA or laptop. This feature is called find me follow me.

We offer solutions that allow a cell phone user to have PABX features on their cell phone when a call is transferred from the PABX e.g. transfer the call back to technical support, sales or the receptionist at the office.

Our IP Telephony solutions allow you to create remote extensions of users where no PABX exists, only a telephone line, analogue phone or ADSL line e.g. a retail store or home. This is achieved using inexpensive VoIP gateways.

uThetha Telecoms will advise you on a Teleworker/Remote extension solution that fits your budget and requirements best. Please contact us for an obligation free consultation.

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