Hosted PBX

The uVoice Hosted PBX (also referred to as Virtual PBX or Cloud PBX) enables customers to procure the services of a PBX without the expensive outlay of traditional PABX hardware.

Our uVoice Hosted PBX runs on a redundant platform in our data centre in Mowbray, Cape Town and we have points of presence throughout South Africa.

The platform we use to provide the uVoice Hosted PBX is based on the award winning ScopServ platform. ScopServ is the most complete, stable and feature rich telephony Server management front end based on VoIP.

Business customers can connect to the service using their own devices e.g softphone, Smart Phone or IP phone. Alternatively uVoice provides a range of devices from Yealink, Snom, Polycom, ScopServ on a cash or rental basis.

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